What is the Nourished Program?


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It is a system to help you feel more energetic, sleep better, lose weight, and reduce inflammation.


Every part of your day is planned for you- breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner; exercise options; recipes; grocery lists; stress relief techniques.


Expect to eat four full and satisfying meals each day and never feel hungry. 


Most of the foods included are autoimmune paleo protocol friendly. 


The plan has been completely revamped and nourished up so you have to spend very little time in the kitchen. It's perfect for busy working, homeschooling, or home-tending moms and their families. 


Reports from previous Reset participants and clients-


I was so nervous before we started, like I thought there was no way I could stick with this. I really didn’t know exactly what it would entail when I signed up. I’ve always said I just needed someone to tell me exactly what to eat and I could follow the plan. This was perfect for that and towards the end I felt like I could use what I had learned and make it work for me and my family. I love how much healthier we are all eating!”


I got my period at the end of the reset and although I don’t usually have terrible PMS symptoms they were pretty much non existent. I lost ten pounds and feel like I have control of my cravings and food choices.


The hard thing about achieving optimal health is that there is no easy fix, which is why Jennifer's care is so important. It takes time and oversight. She checks in weekly to support -- and sometimes challenge -- me to really take care of myself. Because of her treatment I have not had a bladder infection in 6 months (they were happening every 6 weeks), and I have seen notable lessening in my other symptoms. Even some underlying emotional issues that I didn't realize were affecting my health were unwrapped in our sessions together.


You will receive information on the private Facebook group when you purchase the plan. 

Nourished Program - 28 Day Reset


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    Soothe your Gut

    Speed your Metabolism

    Stabilize your Hormones


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