43% of women report that hormone imbalance negatively affects their quality of life. 

Isn't it time you felt well?


43%: New York Post, 2/22/2019

It's time you felt well. 

Of course you want to look great.


But you also want to feel confident. 

It shouldn't be so hard to be healthy!

But our culture sets you up to lose.

The lure of fast food, alcohol, caffeine, overcommitment, 

and overindulgence makes it hard to change permanently. 

You're an awesome mom. You work and volunteer and serve. 

How can you be so accomplished in so many areas 

but still feel so blah with your health? 

Maybe you've been let down with traditional medical care. 

I've been there and it stinks. Really, truly stinks.

After traditional medicine failed to help me with my hormone

imbalance and autoimmune disease

I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist. 

Now I am driven by a desire to help with like you. 

I don't want you to continue to suffer. 

If you are sick of suffering, I've got you covered, sister!

You can start today with my 28 Day Reset.

Everything is done for you-

recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and stress relief practices.

You won't have to think about a thing. 

You'll have more energy to focus on your family. 

And yourself. And your life. 



Guess what? 

You also get a free 30 minute consultation with me. 

That's worth $100. 

We will talk about your specific ailments and I'll walk 

you through my proven process of getting you to feel better. 

If you're sick of doing things on your own, grab your plan

and let's get your appointment set up. 

You'll either come to my office or we'll do a virtual appointment

through my HIPAA-compliant online platform. 

How do I know my plan is proven?

Here are a few women who have gone from 

malnourished and exhausted

to thriving and energized.

100% of my clients who work with me for three months

report  significant improvements in health and energy. 

They start sleeping better. 

Their libido comes back. 

Their hair stops falling out. 

Their weight normalizes. 

Their husbands no longer run in terror

three days before their periods.

Would you rather just start working with me one-on-one?


Schedule your free 15 minute discovery call. 

We can see if we are a good fit. 

We will chat on the phone and

work together to achieve your goals

so you can enjoy finally being balanced and nourished

No mom can afford to be off her game hormonally. 

People are counting on us. 

Take steps to balance and nourish yourself today. 

Grab my 100% done-for-you 28 Day Reset

that will balance your hormones. 


Don't forget. 

You'll get a free 30 minute consultation with Jennifer

when you buy the program. 

This is worth $100. 

(You can always schedule more one-on-one sessions if needed. 

We will work together to get you feeling

happier, fitter, and more nourished. 


If you would rather explore and learn on your own, 

you can start reading the blog. It's full of 

practical information on functional nutrition. 

Or you can follow me on Instagram for

nourishing daily tips and inspiration.

Thanks for being here.

Contact me if you have any questions!

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