About Jennifer



Jennifer is familiar with the feeling of being "not sick but not well". After years of struggling with psoriasis, hormone dysfunction, and fatigue, she has been able to use her training as an FDN to work on herself. Slowly but surely, her symptoms are resolving as her system heals.

Our model of care is an opt-in, self-care holistic approach that uses laboratory testing to get to the root cause of health complaints.

The ability to quantify health complaints by seeing your lab work is highly motivating!

Jennifer has her undergraduate degree in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition.  She has trained as an FDN.  She continues to pursue the latest research pertaining to Functional Medicine and is excited to see this field growing. Her healthcare background includes working for Abbot Laboratories as a sales rep trained in the biology of the gut, the heart, and the immune system. She recently entered into a Master's Program and seeks a Master's of Science in Integrative Health from the Huntington University of Health Sciences, where her focus will be on virology and immunology, along with Orthomolecular Medicine. 

You can find her reading, cross-fitting, studying Scripture, shuttling her four children to sports practices and school functions, or enjoying church activities with her husband, Beau, in Central California.

Jennifer cannot diagnose or treat as she has never attended a day of medical school in her life and is therefore not a doctor. All opinions on this website are merely educated guesses and are not gospel law. Please always seek the advice of a physician. Jennifer is not legally responsible for your outcomes as she cannot guarantee outcomes.

What do I do for you?
Using your complete medical history and a series of functional lab testing, I work with you to get to the deep roots of your hormonal imbalance.  I inform, empower, and reform women to lose weight, sleep better, and have easy periods. I am committed to restoring your hormonal balance and giving you a healthier relationship with food by creating a personalized system of diet, rest, exercise, stress relief, and supplementation.

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